It seems like a lifetime ago that I walked away from a lucrative career to follow my heart into the unknown.

My life is completely different than it was when I was running a $34mm organization a little over three years ago, yet it’s so familiar too.

It contains a spark of all I felt was possible, but had no idea how to create. Only this is so much better than anything I could’ve ever imagined.

When I was feeling the pull to do work that aligned with my soul, on the outside it looked like I had it all going on – great marriage, two homes in Northern California, BMW, CEO of a thriving business. On the inside it felt like the light had faded from my eyes.

I thought people like me didn’t last long in the traditional business world. Intuitive, empath, lead with my heart, combine data with my intuition to make decisions – counsel with my internal guidance and trust what I receive.

In all honesty, at that time, I wasn’t the best at knowing how to incorporate my true self into my business life. I was hiding who I was and it felt terrible.

In MY story, I wasn’t meant to stay in my former career. In order to make the difference I’m here to make.

BUT that’s not true for everyone.

There’s a shift occurring within the traditional business world. It’s being led by self-aware women just like you. Mindful leaders who show up fully, lead with soul, and rise to the top by being fully themselves, without apology.

But how can we do that when the hierarchy and male dominated system can feel so entrenched?

Change happens when you’re confident in who you are. Your power comes when you know exactly who you came here to be. When you’re so self-assured that there’s NEVER a need to apologize for feeling things deeply or leading with your heart, you feel aligned.

BUT, you’re doing the personal growth work and you look around to see you’re lacking community within your career. That’s ok. You’re not alone.

I see the shift happening. The women who show up to work with me are on YOUR team.

They’re affecting change in their organizations by trusting in themselves and using their voice to help their colleagues see how “business as usual” can be done differently.

What if you’re the conscious leader in your business, team, company?

What if you’re here to help usher in change? Change that’s rooted in compassionate communication and the ability to bring your entire self into your position, without apology.

Once my clients know how to make their inner guidance and self awareness their superpower, their confidence rises and so does the alignment with the work they’re doing.

It feels off because it feels like you can’t be who you are. It feels misaligned because you’re not showing up fully.

Sure, some people are meant to walk away, like me. Others are on the forefront of ushering in BIG change in the business world.

You need to understand which camp you’re in so you can get aligned with your path.

It’s imperative for you to BE YOU! Say what needs to be said, even when it seems scary and uncomfortable.

It’s necessary for your continued growth to seamlessly weave your conscious life into your working life so you can show up as the woman you’re on the journey to becoming. Whether you stay or walk away.

It starts with trusting your internal guidance, without question. That’s where your power lives.