What do you do at a crossroads? How do you know which way to go?
I get these question a lot. “How do I know the voice I hear is the one to listen to?”
It’s a great question.
You can sit around waiting for a blinding flash of the obvious, but that’s just welcoming more uncertainty. Then you feel stuck. You listen to a bunch of unhelpful mental noise.
It sounds something like this:
“I don’t even know what I want.”
“Everyone will judge me.”
“What if I make the wrong choice?”
“What’s the point?”
“I’m scared.”
“What if it’s a waste of my time?”
What if all that noise is pile of shit?
What if you discover a path you didn’t even know was there?
What if you LOVE what you find?
What if you feel more aligned than you ever have in your life?
Every one of those outcomes is totally possible, if you’re willing to take the first step toward the unknown.
Here’s what you can do differently at the crossroads.
Listen to your inner voice. It’s there.
It’s the OTHER voice.
Not the one in your head spewing the uncertainty and doubt.

The inner voice is the smaller one saying …
“What have you got to lose?”
“Why not YOU?”
“You can totally do this.”
“Take one step forward and try.”
“It’s all going to be ok.”
This voice isn’t mean, it’s encouraging and a tad uncomfortably convincing.
You WANT to believe it (until your mind butts in with the sabotaging thing).
But listen more intently, the other smaller voice comes from your higher self.
It’s found in your heart.
It may have some ideas that make you say, “NO WAY”.
It may have some input that makes you want to barf.
That’s ok.
The more you listen to the voice in your heart, the stronger the relationship becomes. You begin to trust the small voice. You learn to rely on the guidance.
The relationship brings you closer to the path of undeniable alignment.⠀
The place where you can stop trying to control every detail of your life.
The place where you trust yourself. Free from the self doubt and noise.
This is where the magic happens. Get quiet and listen.