Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Even though I walked away from a seventeen-year career, I don’t advocate that approach for everyone.

Listen, I’ve helped plenty of women move into soul aligned businesses or careers – it’s what my first book, The Destiny Roadmap, is about.

But sometimes walking away is not an option.

Other times it’s not the “fix” you’re looking for.

I was running a $34M organization when I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

If you’re in a toxic environment, like I was, then it’s in your best interest to take care of YOU and do what you can to remedy that situation, even walking away.

Sometimes you outgrow where you are.

Sometimes you need to leave because the environment is unhealthy.

Other times, your soul is calling for something completely different from the corner office you’re in.

But there’s many instances where it’s not toxic, and your soul isn’t calling you anywhere,


The messaging everywhere you turn on social media is to “Follow your bliss!” “Find your purpose!” “Quit your job and become an entrepreneur!”

We don’t all need to be entrepreneurs.

Not everyone is in a position to do that or wants to, for that matter.

And the truth is, if you don’t deal with the “off feeling,” and you decide to leave, it will go with you … I know from experience.

I work with women to help them understand what’s really going on, ideally BEFORE they decide to go.

Part of my work includes showing clients how to STAY instead, and feel fulfilled.

We clear the blocks you can’t see. You get crystal clear on what’s holding you back, and causing you to feel “off”. I even help you bring alignment, deep meaning, and purpose into your role.

Leaving isn’t always the answer. And, if everyone leaves, businesses will continue to lose amazing, heartfelt, strong women who are the very change-makers they need.

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