When you choose the entrepreneurial path, you make an unconscious decision to personally grow.

It might not have been on your list of ideal things being an entrepreneur would bring, but make no mistake, the entrepreneurial path is one of the most direct ways for all your shit to be presented on a silver platter right in front of your face.

Sometimes it’s hard to look. It’s 24/7 at times.

If you’re not doing the inner work to recognize and heal your pain as it comes into focus, it will catch up to you. It always does.

If you have: self doubt – wounds (and we all do) – insecurity – money blocks – worry – fear of being seen – trouble managing stress – control issues – etcetera.

Each one is asking you to pay attention and be dedicated to your personal growth, not ignore it or run away from it.

Yes! Growth, and the change that accompanies it, can feel scary.  But it’s not as scary as getting years down the road to find you’re feeling unfulfilled and you knew the path way back when and didn’t take it.

What’s waiting for every entrepreneur is the self discovery –  and who you become on the journey.⠀⠀

All of it is packaged in an neatly wrapped box with a giant bow asking to be unwrapped.

You want to believe being an entrepreneur is about freedom.

You want to believe it’s about making money and contributing to the world.

You want to believe it’s about building an amazing business.

… and it is.

BUT the journey is also asking you to find and heal yourself in the process.

And doing the vital internal work is a key element for handling BIG success.

And here’s the thing, it doesn’t end. It’s an all growth, all the time channel.

It’s not as scary as your mind wants you to believe,⠀⠀

It can feel exciting and in partnership with who you truly are

Dedicate yourself to the inner growth and the desire to show up as yourself.

Unwrap the package.

The gift inside is YOU!