Last year I was led to visit California coast redwoods around the world. I visited trees in Kauai, England and Italy. I grew up in Northern California so I’ve seen a lot of time communicating with redwoods there.

I was recently called to New Zealand to meet the redwoods in Rotorua. As I walked through the Memorial Grove, it was eerily quiet. The trees in the grove weren’t saying anything.⠀⠀

Then I noticed a number of trees on the trail had their skin ripped off, in some cases dramatically altering the shape of the lower part of the tree. It was heartbreaking. I apologized  and acknowledged each peeled tree I saw, sending love and energy.

They’re addressing the problem with signs posted along the trail asking people not to remove the bark or rub the trees.

Eventually I came to a tree that was open to talking. I connected with the energy and offered a space of love and support. We had a similar conversation to other redwoods I’ve chatted with around the world.

While I was there, I watched a number of tourists walk up to the tree, place a foot on a root, take a picture and continue on. The tree was aware of everything they were doing.

It’s nothing against anyone who passed through. Many of us have forgotten our connection to trees, our symbiotic relationship with nature.

All the trees I’ve met in my travels around the world have similar messages about our lack of understanding and diminished connection with them.⠀⠀

They’re asking for acknowledgment and recognition. For us to “see” them. To remember who we are and who they are. To reconnect to the relationship we’ve always shared.

You can make a difference. Please “see” a tree or two or more on your next walk through the park, forest or yard. You don’t have to hear them to do this. You can feel them. It’s all about intention. Simply tell them how beautiful they are. Thank them for being there. Talk to them. Send them love and energy, they’ll receive it. You might even hear them answer.