When you choose the leadership path, you make an unconscious decision to personally grow.

While this might not have been on your list of exciting things you thought leadership would bring, make no mistake, being a leader is one of the most direct ways for all your shit to be presented on a silver platter right in front of your face.

Sometimes it’s hard to look. It’s 24/7 at times, but they go hand in hand … being on the leadership journey and tackling your personal shit.

If you’re not doing the exploratory inner work to recognize and heal your core wounds, they will catch up to you.

It always does.

Some of us get pretty skilled at running and escaping our feelings, but eventually all the challenges come back around.

If you have:

  • self doubt
  • wounds (and we all do)
  • insecurity
  • money blocks
  • worry
  • fear of being seen
  • trouble managing stress
  • control issues
  • communication challenges

… the list goes on.

These are asking you to pay attention, not run away.

It’s about growth.

Yes! Growth, and the change that accompanies it, can feel scary.  But it’s not as scary as getting years down the road and looking back and thinking, I knew something more was going on, but I didn’t do anything to understand what.

The Gift Inside

What’s waiting for every leader – traditional manager or entrepreneur, is the self discovery – what you’re made of and who you become on the journey.

All of it is packaged in a neatly wrapped box with a giant bow asking to be unwrapped.

You want to believe:

⇒ your success comes from making money and/or contributing to the world

⇒ it’s about building an amazing business or reaching the top in your career

⇒ the focus is on the bigger picture, your values, or the mission

… and it can be.

But, none of that is possible without finding and healing yourself in the process. And any successful person who tells you that they didn’t transform themselves on the journey to their success is not doing the vital internal work – which is the very foundation for handling GINORMOUS success.

The path of growth is not as scary as your mind wants you to believe, but after running multiple businesses from $120K – $34M in revenue, I’ve learned that being a leader does requires dedication to self growth.

And here’s the thing, the more successful you are, the more you realize it doesn’t end. It’s an all growth, all the time channel. But it gets more amazing and magical the deeper you go. it doesn’t have to take you down, it can lift you up.

Listen, it feels exciting when you land on and release what’s holding you back.

It feels freeing when you can be who you truly are, AND be successful.

You can have alignment in your work, relationships, and life – and it doesn’t require suffering or struggle.

Dedicate yourself to your own healing and growth, it’s how you fulfill that desire to show up as yourself, without apology.

Unwrap the package.

The gift inside is YOU!