We underestimate the healing power of our ancient trees and the wisdom they have to share.

I visited Tane Mahuta in New Zealand, the largest known living Kauri tree in the country. I knew I was meant to go and be in the presence of this tree.

Tane Mahuta is named for the Māori god of forests and is estimated to be between 1,250 and 2,500 years old.

Standing in the shadow of this incredible tree I felt grounded and uplifted. There was no denying the majestic energy coming from the tree. I soaked it in and returned love.

After spending time with this beauty, I felt clear headed, calm and energized.⠀⠀

Science is now proving what our souls already know. Walking in the forest and being around trees, especially ancient trees, is calming and healing.

The more time I spend with our planet’s big trees, the more connected I feel to myself and life. I gain a deeper understanding of “we’re all one”.

There’s no denying the power of time with trees.