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Growing Apart

In September 2016, my business and life changed when I allowed myself to accept my truth. My life was on track. I’d opened a business with a friend, I was building my coaching business on the side and I’d hired a book coach so I could finally write and publish my...

The Healing Power of Trees

We underestimate the healing power of our ancient trees and the wisdom they have to share. I visited Tane Mahuta in New Zealand, the largest known living Kauri tree in the country. I knew I was meant to go and be in the presence of this tree. Tane Mahuta is named for...

A Year Ago Today, I Got a Tattoo

A year ago today, I got a tattoo. I never considered myself a tattoo person. I was one of those people who couldn’t figure out what I’d want on my body for the rest of my life. A month before I got the tattoo, I started seeing it on my arm in my peripheral vision....

©2021 Kelli Reese

©2021 Kelli Reese