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The Struggle Feels So Real

After 25 years dedicated to my spiritual growth, I’m still doing the work of aligning my energy, clearing blocks and navigating through challenges. There’s no magical place we arrive where we won’t have life to contend with. ⠀⠀ On my good days, I’m a Jedi Master at...

Growing Apart

In September 2016, my business and life changed when I allowed myself to accept my truth. My life was on track. I’d opened a business with a friend, I was building my coaching business on the side and I’d hired a book coach so I could finally write and publish my...

Clear Heart Program

Are you on a path of growing and building your dreams, yet you keep returning to questioning your long term relationship? If you’re in a relationship that feels like pieces no longer fit, it’s an uncomfortable place to be. You question your own thoughts and feelings....

©2021 Kelli Reese

©2021 Kelli Reese