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A Reminder to Go Within

New Year’s Day, 2020, feels like decades ago. Like most of us, I was excited for what lay ahead. I’d just completed a four-day yoga retreat where I’d released tons of old baggage. 2020 was going to be my year! But then, on the drive home, just a couple of miles down...

The Real Pandemic

Pandemic is known as the “worldwide spread” of a new disease. What if we redefine pandemic? What if we see it as something that brings us closer together in shared circumstances? ⠀⠀ Really, we can choose to see it however we want. I’m really good at...

Life Can Change in an Instant

When someone passes away we’re always reminded that life changes in an instant. But the universe is reminding me that life is always changing in an instant. If you’re feeling stuck or wishing for the next thing, whatever it is, it could be right around the corner.⠀...

©2021 Kelli Reese

©2021 Kelli Reese