There’s more than seventy different life lessons I’ve seen in my work with clients and the Akashic Records.

Some life lessons come up more regularly than others, but none of them is suffering. As a soul, we don’t choose to learn suffering, ever.

We choose to learn about many other things like kindness, courage, surrender, spirituality, truth, joy, unconditionality, empowerment, sensitivity and so many more.

But not suffering.

Suffering is optional. It’s not easy to hear that when you’re in the middle of something heavy and uncomfortable, but it’s true.

I work with clients on many levels – doing the vital internal work, going deep, clearing blocks – and suffering isn’t part of the equation. In fact, the work we do gets them OUT of the suffering by bringing clarity to what’s holding them back from having the life their soul is calling for.

This past week a group of women took an incredible leap of faith and traveled to Tulum, Mexico for Sacred Soul Journey, co-led by Peggy Farmer and me.

They didn’t know what to expect, but  each one answered a call join us here in Tulum.

From the moment they arrived we created an incredible space where they could connect back to themselves and find clarity on where they were.

There were tears of release and tears of joy. And there was so much laughter our cheeks hurt. But there was no suffering.

Doing the necessary internal work that allows you to move forward when you’ve been paralyzed with indecision, stuck in a place you’re no longer meant to be or protecting your heart from further hurt, doesn’t require you to suffer. You might feel discomfort, but it doesn’t have to lead to suffering.

You can let go, release and renew without going to the bottom of a dark hole ? and setting up residency.

I see it daily when I work with clients.

There are no limits to who you are becoming and no end to learning. You can approach growth opportunities with support and love, knowing that each one is leading you to the freedom you desire.

It’s exactly how I set myself free and how my clients do the same, regularly.