Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You’re in a high level role. You think you know exactly what you want, where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there.

Then another voice chimes in…and you’re not so sure.

You find yourself questioning your ability in presentations or important meetings … losing confidence in yourself when it really matters.

You walk away from conversations believing you missed an opportunity to show them what you’ve got.

Quite often, you “should” all over yourself:

“I should have said something different.”

“I should have been more articulate.”

“I should have been BETTER.”

The problem isn’t how you presented yourself in the conversation.

It’s not that you missed an opportunity to say something profound.

It’s not that you’re unqualified for your position.

You’re not in the wrong job.

You’re great at what you do. You’ve worked hard to get where you are.>

BUT – underneath it all, you hide a deep dark secret:


I know EXACTLY how you feel.

In my former career as the CEO of a multi-million dollar business, I found myself second-guessing myself and questioning my abilities. It was so frustrating.

I was prepared. I was good at my job.

I was running a multi-million dollar business for goodness sake! I didn’t have time to doubt myself.


Then, I’d judge myself for feeling less than exceptional, which made things worse.

I pushed through, but it wasn’t easy, because there were a few different things going on.

It wasn’t until I put all the pieces together and understood what was happening that I solved the problem for myself.

Then something interesting happened…


Through the magic of the universe, female leaders began to show up in my life with the same challenges I had faced in that career.

It was the opportunity to help them remove the obstacles holding them back so they could see their truth and stop questioning themselves.

I love working with female leaders – CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs, who need help owning their authority and power in their roles.


Carin worked with me to help her become the successful business woman she always wanted to be.

When we met, she had the skills and talent, but she wasn’t confident in her role. We cleared her main challenges that included financial blocks and limiting beliefs about her capabilities as a business owner.

All the sh*t I came to you with is GONE. All the work we’ve done – I know it’s gone, but once you start realizing you’re not responding or reacting the same way that you used to, it’s like, Oh, it’s not there anymore. I worked on all this stuff before, but it wasn’t fully gone. I feel so good.”



To embrace your powerful inner leader, you need to resolve your self-doubt and insecurity challenges in business. You need to connect to who you are and trust yourself, without question.

To do so, you have to identify the hurdles, beliefs and stories currently holding you back. You have to learn exactly where they came from and how they’re affecting you now.

You have to clear what’s no longer serving you so you can move forward with clarity and confidence.

Here are 7 ways to make this happen…

==> Understand the what and why of your “go-to” undermining behaviors so you can move through them with precision and ease.

==> Become an expert in your intricate, unsupportive mind and the negative thoughts, so you can release them before they take hold.

==> Master the skill of identifying your beliefs. This is a powerful tool to shift how you show up for yourself, and in turn, your role in the organization.

==> Build a bridge to your internal guidance, so you can understand what you’re feeling and receiving in each moment. Understanding yourself and what drives your choices and thoughts is your business and leadership superpower.

==> Uncover the exact emotional blocks holding you back. From financial blocks to visibility fears, it’s necessary to clear what’s no longer serving you. This happens without suffering or a heavy-handed approach, even when we’re going deep.

==> Bring your whole self to your role through an approach that teaches you how to harmonize your energy internally and externally.

==> Own what needs to be said and determine, in the moment, how to confidently handle whatever comes your way (even when it’s uncomfortable or scary).


If you’ve read this far and you find yourself resonating, let’s continue the conversation as I would LOVE to support you.

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