The Fastest Path to Clarity is Through a Private Reading

Kelli Reese helped me create a cascade of miracles in my life.

~Angela Lauria

Would you like to have a private reading?

I’m based in Tulum, Mexico, but read for clients all over the world. 

I’ve built my business mainly through referrals. It means a lot to me that an incredible amount of my clients find the readings so helpful that they pass on my information to their family and friends.

I do a lot of readings for first timers. If this is your first reading or you’re not quite sure what it’s all about, take a look at the readings I offer and see which one resonates. I know that people don’t find me by accident. 

I’m also the guide for those who’ve been on their spiritual path for eons and require a no-nonsense SEER with a light-hearted approach.

No matter where you are, I believe you were drawn here for a reason, let’s find out why.

Important things to note:

  • All readings are done via Zoom. You’ll receive a link to the call in the confirmation email that arrives after you book the reading.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking.
  • It’s not possible to refund missed appointments or purchased readings as I start the Akashic Record research ahead of time.
  • I will attempt to provide you with a recording of your session, however the fee paid is for the session itself – not the recording. The recordings work 99% of the time – on a rare occasion, the technology malfunctions and the recording is lost. If it’s really important to you to have a recording of what was said, you may wish to record the session yourself or take written notes.
  • Are you coming to Tulum? I do offer a limited number of in-person readings when available. In order to have an in-person reading, please confirm availability BEFORE booking the reading by using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere or have a tricky schedule? No problem. Please reach out through the contact form at the bottom of the page to arrange a time for your reading.

Life Path Reading

Wondering what’s next?

Looking for direction on your path?

Feeling like something is a off and you just can’t place your finger on what?

If you’re tired of feeling like something is missing or you’re feeling called to make a leap into something new (but you’re not sure what or why), this reading will help you understand where you’ve been, where you are now and what’s in alignment for your future.

In a Life Path reading, we look at key information from your Soul Profile in the Akashic Records. Our life lessons, soul gifts and past lives combine to give us an incredible vantage point on where you are and how you show up in the world. This is information you may have never had the opportunity to consider until now.

This reading will give you a ton of insight and can even get you moving on your path with more understanding and a renewed outlook. It’s information you can immediately put to use in your business and life.


60 minutes – $180

Soul Profile Reading

If you’re looking for a deeper dive, this soul defining reading is packed with information that will give you a deeper understanding about your soul’s path and purpose. It provides clarity, validation and a profound understanding of who you are on the soul level. It’s insightful information that can impact all areas of your life.

We’ll cover soul desires and trainings, your soul group of origin, life lessons and how they fit into your soul’s path and soul archetypes/gifts that you fulfill in this lifetime. We’ll also take a look at your strongest intuitive gift and any empath gifts that show up. In addition, we’ll discuss a significant past life for you to know about right now and we’ll clear anything that is no longer serving you in this lifetime.


90 minutes – $275

The Akashic Records

If there was information that could help you personally and professionally find clarity, validation and assurance in your life, wouldn’t you want to know more?

Wouldn’t it make complete sense that you would invest some time and resources into discovering what it was about?

Some people use Tarot cards, others use tea leaves, I use the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records contain the energetic recording of your soul’s journey throughout its existence.

Every thought, action, conversation, decision, and choice your soul has ever made. It’s an incredible resource that is vastly underutilized and we have access to the information in the records.

Each soul has an Akashic Record. It’s possible to access the record to gain insight about where your soul has been, what you’ve been working on and what you’re learning in this lifetime, at the minimum.

The records have been used for centuries by prophets, inventors and scholars. People like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Edgar Cayce all accessed the records for information, inspiration and guidance. You’re in good company.

If this is your first reading or you’re not sure what the Akashic Records are, no worries! Many of my clients are new to readings and/or the Akashic Records.

I believe you were drawn here for a reason, let’s find out why.

Holy cannoli! Not only was my reading with Kelli fantastic confirmation of what I’m doing and what is aligned with my purpose – what is provided with PHENOMENAL ideas and suggestions about how to move forward in ways that call to my mind AND my spirit. I have recommended Kelli literally to anyone and everyone who will listen. If you are hesitating – DO NOT. Schedule with her NOW – you will be so happy (and wonder why you waited so long!)

– Kristina H.

Kelli is wise, funny, insightful, and more than a little bit magic. Her guidance is powerful, and resonates with your own inner wisdom in a wonderfully balanced and reassuring way. Kelli can get you where you want to go – even if you’re not sure where that is yet.

– Maggie M.

For days before my Life Path reading with Kelli, I was a little anxious. I didn’t know what the universe had in mind for me. (Would it tell me to pack it in because I’d made such a mess of things to this point?) Kelli said not to worry, the Akashic Records were loving and compassionate.

As she explained what the records told her about my soul’s origin, life lessons, blocks, gifts, and more, my life up to now began to make sense. Decisions I’d made, roads I’d traveled, and people who came in and out of my life all began to have a sense of order I never saw before.

Since our call, I’ve had a greater sense of urgency to do many things I have been slow (and sometimes afraid) to tackle. My life path is clearer now than it has ever been. Thank you, Kelli.

– Tracey S.

I love Kelli Reese. It’s because of a call with Kelli almost one year ago that I took off my mask, owned my voice and I’m now on the path of serving others. 

– April P.

Kelli is absolutely an expert in her field and wonderful to work with! I had a reading with her and gained such a degree of clarity that I had been missing – things I had struggled with and would have spent more time trying to figure out on my own. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

– Pam C.

I had the most amazing, mind-blowing reading with Kelli. I can not express the gratitude and validation I feel right now. It was such an honor to meet Kelli. If you’re looking for some career guidance or feel stuck in your professional lilfe you MUST schedule a reading with Kelli right now!

– Jenifer M.

Feel The Love

It’s not everyday you receive a nice comment about your work, but when you do it can make a world of difference.

Here’s some of the praise that I’ve received for my work with my incredible clients.

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