Leverage Clarity in Your Business

Powerful, private sessions to help you find clarity and validation.

In order to feel inspired, connected and fulfilled in the work you do, you need to be aligned with your inner self. This alignment comes through your heart, it’s not something you can figure out through spreadsheets, data or your mind. 

Sometimes you question where you are because your work feels “off” somehow, asking are you really doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Other times, you know exactly where you’re headed, you can see the clear vision, but you’re unable to hold the capacity within yourself to create what you can see.

I offer two different private sessions with me. Each one is focused on the struggles my clients most often come up against, the ones that stop them in their path. 

These intuitive sessions are focused on where you are right now in your career, business and life. They’re directly linked to you. The you on the soul level, the you who planned all this before you arrived.

I’ve spent the last few years applying the information I’ve received, on behalf of my clients, to their bigger visions for their life; professionally and personally. For some, the session was all they needed to find the confidence, validation and direction they were seeking and get moving. For others, the session led them to work with me privately through Leadership Coaching. 

No two profiles are the same. Each one is unique to your own path and purpose.

Each session is filled with information that pulls together your desires and needs in a validating and empowering way. Whether you’re struggling in your current career, wondering if you’re still in the right place or you’re searching for more confidence and self-assurance on your leadership path. 

“My path is clearer now than it has ever been.”

Tracey S.

How is the information for the sessions obtained?  

I use the Akashic Records.

If there was information that could help you personally and professionally find clarity, validation and assurance in your life, wouldn’t you want to know more?

The Akashic Records hold the energetic recording of every soul’s journey throughout its existence. Every thought, action, conversation, decision, and choice a soul has ever made is contained in the records. It’s an incredible resource that is vastly underutilized.

The records have been accessed for centuries by prophets, inventors and scholars. People like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci and Edgar Cayce all accessed the records for information, guidance and inspiration.

I discovered the Akashic Records more than two decades ago. It wasn’t until I walked away from my seventeen-year career that I began utilizing this powerful resource to help others in their career, business and life journey. 

I’ve been continually amazed by the clarity and validation a session provides for my clients. 

Leadership Profile Session

The Leadership Profile provides an opportunity to work directly with me in a 60 minute intuitive session. During our time together, you’ll receive valuable information and insight pertaining to your business, career, and personal journey.

No two Leadership Profiles are the same. Each one is unique to your path and purpose.

During the session, we’ll discuss your leadership archetypes, your life purpose, and the lessons you’re learning. Included is specifics about anything that may be holding you back right now.

The session is filled with information that pulls together the key areas of your life in a validating and empowering way. We’ll identify what you’re working on and where to focus your energy for maximum growth, momentum and release.

This time together offers a profound understanding of who you are and the energy you bring to the many roles you hold in life; i.e. executive, partner, wife, mother, soul, etc.

75 minutes – $275

Career Profile Session

It can require a little exploration to discover the work that allows you to express your gifts and fulfill your purpose. Many people don’t fall into the career of their dreams.

A Career Profile session provides a clear and comprehensive look at your true gifts and how they can be used in your chosen profession or applied to something not yet seen. 

In this session we’ll look at which type of career path would be fulfilling for you. We’ll have time to discuss your current career path and determine if it’s right for you. (i.e. is it going to bring you growth and fulfillment), and if it’s possible to tweak your current career/work to bring you more alignment and joy. 

A Career Profile helps you more fully understand your true motivations in work and life.

45 minutes – $180

Important Information About Your Session

  • All sessions are done via Zoom. You’ll receive a link to the call in the confirmation email that arrives after you book the time.
  • Payment is due at the time of booking.
  • I will attempt to provide you with a recording of your session, however the fee paid is for the session itself – not the recording. The recordings work 99% of the time – on a rare occasion, the technology malfunctions and the recording is lost. If it’s really important to you to have a recording of what was said, you may wish to record the session yourself or take written notes.
  • There are no refunds for missed appointments or purchased sessions.
  • Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere or have a tricky schedule? No problem. Please reach out through the contact form at the bottom of the page to arrange a time for your reading.

What are others saying about their sessions?

For days before my session with Kelli, I was a little anxious. I didn’t know what the universe had in mind for me. (Would it tell me to pack it in because I’d made such a mess of things to this point?) Kelli said not to worry, the Akashic Records were loving and compassionate.

As she explained what the records told her about my life, blocks, archetypes, and more, my life up to now began to make sense. Decisions I’d made, roads I’d traveled, and people who came in and out of my life all began to have a sense of order I never saw before.

Since our session, I’ve had a greater sense of urgency to do many things I have been slow (and sometimes afraid) to tackle. My path is clearer now than it has ever been. Thank you, Kelli.

– Tracey S.

I love Kelli Reese. It’s because of a call with Kelli almost one year ago that I took off my mask, owned my voice and I’m now on the path of serving others. 

– April P.

Holy cannoli! Not only was my session with Kelli was fantastic confirmation of what I’m doing and what is aligned with my purpose – what is provided with PHENOMENAL ideas and suggestions about how to move forward in ways that call to my mind AND my spirit. I have recommended Kelli literally to anyone and everyone who will listen. If you are hesitating – DO NOT. Schedule with her NOW – you will be so happy (and wonder why you waited so long!)

– Kristina H.

Kelli is wise, funny, insightful, and more than a little bit magic. Her guidance is powerful, and resonates with your own inner wisdom in a wonderfully balanced and reassuring way. Kelli can get you where you want to go – even if you’re not sure where that is yet.

– Maggie M.

Feel The Love

I’ve had the honor to work with hundreds of leaders including entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and founders. I don’t take their feedback for granted. I’m grateful to do the work I do and to be able to help people at all levels of their business and personal journeys.

Here’s some of the praise that I’ve received for my work with my incredible clients.

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