Kelli has high integrity and is truly excellent at what she does. I am thrilled to have found her. Her abilities are well developed, accurate and greatly assisting. She is direct in a gentle way, supportive, warm and deeply respectful. I couldn’t recommend anyone higher! I absolutely loved working with her!

Brigitte M.

Kelli is wise, funny, insightful, and more than a little bit magic. Her guidance is powerful, and resonates with your own inner wisdom in a wonderfully balanced and reassuring way. Kelli can get you where you want to go – even if you’re not sure where that is yet.

Maggie M.

For days before my session with Kelli, I was a little anxious. I didn’t know what the universe had in mind for me. (Would it tell me to pack it in because I’d made such a mess of things to this point?) Kelli said not to worry, the Akashic Records were loving and compassionate.

As she explained what the records told her, my life up to now began to make sense. Decisions I’d made, roads I’d traveled, and people who came in and out of my life all began to have a sense of order I never saw before.

Since our call, I’ve had a greater sense of urgency to do many things I have been slow (and sometimes afraid) to tackle. My path is clearer now than it has ever been. Thank you, Kelli.

Tracey S.

My time with Kelli was an incredible gift that came in two packages: A visceral storybook validating the biz and inner-growth path I’ve been navigating intuitively, (like a warm proud blanket of “look at all you’ve done”). And a YES! You’re current BIG moves/leaps are exactly right on, (a tremendous fortification of strength and confidence).

Saying the session is a gift feels like an understatement. So incredibly grateful, Kelli.

Helene S.

Holy cannoli! Not only was my reading with Kelli fantastic confirmation of what I’m doing and what is aligned with my purpose – what is provided with PHENOMENAL ideas and suggestions about how to move forward in ways that call to my mind AND my spirit. I have recommended Kelli literally to anyone and everyone who will listen. If you are hesitating – DO NOT. Schedule with her NOW – you will be so happy (and wonder why you waited so long!)

Kristina H.

I was quite impressed with the session and the quality of the info Kelli shared. So much resonated in a variety of synchronistic ways; that was consistent throughout the session.

Right out of the gate BOOM, Kelli gave me such a delightful confirmation so that I was enthralled immediately. By the end of our time, I was so pumped up and inspired. The time flew by, Kelli is so generous, kind, and loving!

I came away from the call….inspired, hopeful, elevated and very grateful for her services as a clear authentic channel who accesses the Akashic Records, guides and allies with integrity, great skill, insight and lots of humor, which is actually quite important-especially in these current wild times.

Even a few hours afterward, I felt the messages coming through and shifting things for me more than just audibly/mentally, but energetically as well….and definitely for the better!

All I can say to anyone considering the value of working with Kelli, I’d say, “do yourself a huge favor and book a session now- it will help immensely!!!

Jo M.

If you’re wrangling demons around your service to the world, give Kelli a jingle. With Kelli’s expert and uniquely brilliant guidance, I exploded some stuff that’s been hanging me up.

Your work is super powerful, Kelli — the validation was powerful for me and the way you followed up with me too.

Julie P.

Before Kelli, I had no idea the Akashic Records exist. In 60 minutes she gracefully walked me through some heavyweight stuff and was so generous as I dealt with it. In a moment of clarity, I actually articulated what I thought my life lesson was. At the end of it, I felt like I had just looked at myself in the mirror. I am certainly glad I did the session.


Before working with Kelli, I had a vague sense of how I wanted to live my life and what I wanted out of it, but I felt like I was aiming at the dark at a target I was only partly aware of. It was like a “cross my fingers” move towards my dreams. Now I know without a doubt what my purpose and passion are, and I step boldly towards my dreams with absolute confidence that I’m living in alignment with my highest self. It’s like the work with Kelli set me free – I no longer carry the chains of doubt and uncertainty. I can soar as high as I choose

Sonya L.

My session with Kelli was spot on! I’m so grateful for her insight and no-nonsense approach to the process. It validated much of what I was feeling, and a bit hesitant to act on. She helped me see how I could tweak things, and move forward with greater clarity, and self-assurance.

Joe M.

Kelli is a warm, generous and kind soul. She gently educates and guides you with a caring and thoughtful demeanor. I’ve learned more about myself in a few short weeks then I ever thought possible. I highly recommend Kelli – you will be amazed.

Maureen W.

What a blessing it was to have a session with Kelli. She has a true gift and clarity of being that brought me to a place of ease and trust very quickly. And the session offered confirmation for a niche focus that I’d just settled into between scheduling and receiving the information, which was so affirming – especially since the session indicated all my niche ideas were in high alignment with my gifts, but one that was more so.

The time together also brought forward and confirmed an idea that has been brewing in me around creativity and where I can bring more of that in/ so now I will stop playing, “should I or should I not?” around putting energy into that and start offering it as part of my work. I’m so please and can not recommend Kelli as a intuitive and guide highly enough.

Sharon R.

I had no idea what to expect. The session came at the perfect time and I got MEGA validation for my path to help people become empowered and transformed. It was the most soothing affirmation.

But that was not all. Kelli pointed out some things that I always knew, but took for granted and never really looked at as part of my “secret sauce”. Kelli is someone who sees you and gets you FAST. Do I have to say anything else???

Monicka S.

Kelli is absolutely amazing!! First off, I felt a bit hesitant as I didn’t know what the Akashic Records were. But I sooo glad I did it. Kelli did not give me clarity about my career path, but she helped me release some things that I was holding onto that had blocked me. I felt free, lighter and affirmed in my choices after the call. I highly recommend having a session with Kelli, because you will find out some wonderful things about yourself, your career and maybe let go of anything standing in the way between you and your calling. Do not hesitate to book with Kelli today.

Bryn D.

Wow! Just had an incredible session with Kelli. I was shocked by how in depth and accurate the information was shared. It was both validating AND illuminating. There is so much there to process, to learn from and to use in my career. Kelli is caring and giving. She really helps you to understand the information she is sharing. I highly recommend her to everyone!

Marianne S.

I had a session with Kelli and she was SPOT on in describing many of the aspects of my life so far, my life purpose and the directions in which I can best meet my highest calling. So much amazing confirmation that I’m on the best path at the moment!

Mara L.

Kelli is absolutely an expert in her field and wonderful to work with! I had a session with her and gained such a degree of clarity that I had been missing – things I had struggled with and would have spent more time trying to figure out on my own. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Pam C.

I found Kelli to be a top line seer sage Mystic and also a great counselor. I could not speak highly enough of her as a healer: professional compassionate and No BS that’s a pretty rare combination.

Do yourself a favor and spend some time with this wise and knowing woman.
All the best Kelli, thanks for the great session.

Rick K.

I had the most amazing, mind-blowing session with Kelli. I can not express the gratitude and validation I feel right now. It was such an honor to meet Kelli. If you’re looking for some career guidance or feel stuck in your professional life you MUST schedule a session with Kelli right now

Jenifer M.