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Hi, I’m Kelli Reese.

Today, I want to talk about what I specifically learned from more than 200 executives and entrepreneurs.
I discovered what was holding these women back.

I saw the same patterns, blocks and challenges show up again and again.

  ✨ These are women had everything in place to reach their goals and dreams, but they were constantly second-guessing themselves.
  ✨ They over compensated by taking on more, even though they were already at capacity.
  ✨ They stopped themselves from speaking their truth for fear of rejection or being wrong.
  ✨ They over managed every detail of their lives.
  ✨ They constantly worried the other shoe would drop.
  ✨ They were afraid to been seen, even though they knew inside the direction they needed to go.
  ✨ They pushed aside their instincts and went against their own internal knowing … later they’d find out they were absolutely right.

When you question your internal guidance it creates uncertainty and doubt in yourself.
It makes it really hard to move forward with trust and self-assurance.

In 95% of the readings, women already knew what I was telling them, but they were afraid to believe in themselves
👉 They were hesitating.

Some were frozen in their business, they believed didn’t know the next right step.
For others, the future they planned was already in process, but they were afraid.
👉 Something was holding them back.

Their heart and mind were on opposite teams.
They didn’t know which voice to listen to, which meant their mind usually won out.

What I discovered was, they had to learn how to stop blocking their success.

Mostly, they were making it WAY harder than it needed to be.

They allowed their mind to jump in and convince them that they weren’t worthy of everything they wanted in their lives.

Some of their blocks had to do with messages they’d received growing up and hurtful experiences they had that validated their long-held beliefs. They just couldn’t see them, at first.

Other blocks weren’t even related to this lifetime.
There were holding onto experiences from past lives.

Once we released the blocks, they were set free.

  ✨ They were solidly grounded in themselves. No more second-guessing. 
  ✨ They trusted what they were intuiting and were able to manage their energy and make decisions with ease and flow.
  ✨ They were able to trust themselves, without question and follow the guidance, not only in their career, but in their lives.
  ✨ They were able to create the career and life of their dreams without pushing so hard.

How did this happen?

What I’m going to talk about here isn’t a quick fix.

It’s not solely about manifesting the career, relationship or life you want.
It’s about co-creating what you didn’t even know was possible.

A life that’s leaps and bounds beyond the one you can envision.
The one that’s completely aligned with your soul’s plan.
And once you know how to manage your energy it happens without burning the candle at both ends,
pushing, forcing, willing, or wishing your way to everything you’ve wanted.

None of that works anyway.
I know, I’ve tried it.

As an intuitive woman with an established career in business, I’ve been exactly where you are.

I’m intimate with the deeper reasons you’re second guessing yourself and feeling insecure.
I understand it from the inside out.

I resolved it for myself and my clients as well.
What I’m going to tell you about is a way of life.
Something you can come to rely on 24/7…

But let me back up.

In 2015, I walked away from a seventeen-year career where I was running a $34M organization.
It was a stressful job that I loved, but the good parts of the job were finally outweighed by the negative.
The Universe was making it abundantly clear that I was no longer where I was meant to be.

Just to be sure, I ignored the intel for months.
Big mistake.

You know when the Universe taps on your shoulder, it’s best to listen then. RIGHT?
If you don’t, the tap becomes a push, then a kick and a shove and then a piano falls on your head.
I waited until the  piano 🎹 🎹  

When I walked away, everything felt like it was crashing down around me.
I knew I had to trust that it was all happening for me and not to me.

It was time to align the work I did with the spiritual path I’d been on for decades.

I’ve had long career in business.
I’ve successfully run businesses with annual revenue ranging from $250k to $34M.
I’ve worked with small teams of 11 as well as large teams with 215 employees and nine direct reports.

I’ve built two separate businesses from the ground up and co-owned a third.
I’ve worked privately with founders of startups to managers and executives at some of the top companies around the world, including
Deloitte Consulting, AIG, Hermes Financial Management, and more.

I combine my background in business and management with years of self-development and spiritual work to help my clients break through the noise and insecurities.

I’ve spent the last 22 years working with Source energy and going where I’m led.
When I trust the guidance, my life unfolds in beautiful ways.
From homes to relationships to jobs, I’ve co-created it all with guidance from Source.

I recently moved to Ojai, CA where the rental market is fierce.
(It’s beautiful, isn’t it?)

I didn’t know I was going to live here when I left my home in Tulum, Mexico this summer.

I followed the guidance here.
I’m now living in a perfect home that met every single one of my criteria.
I wanted a place that was…

  ✨ fully furnished, 
  ✨ had a well stocked kitchen, 
  ✨ month to month rent,
  ✨ all-inclusive so I didn’t have to put utilities in my name,
  ✨ AND I didn’t want to tie up my money in a deposit. 

I received for every one of those things.
In a competitive rental market.

My place never even went on a rental site.

I wasn’t worried, I didn’t question, I just aligned with the path and followed the guidance.

This is how it goes when you’re totally aligned with Source.
Magic happens every day.
No one taught me this approach.
I’ve always instinctively known.
I’ve been doing this for more that 20 years.

Well, honestly for as long as I can remember – like back to 6th grade, but let’s say consciously doing it for 20 years.

Don’t get me wrong.
Everything hasn’t always been handed to me on a silver platter.
For a long time, I was in a relentless battle with myself.
The mental drama was intense.

  👉 I had to clear many blocks and learn to manage my emotions.
  👉 I had to overcome debilitating fear I learned from my mother and paralyzing anxiety after an abusive relationship.
  👉 I had to heal my relationship with money.
  👉 I was great at calling in massive amounts of money… just not as awesome at holding onto it.
  👉 I had to learn to trust in myself and the relationship I have with Source.

It didn’t happen overnight.

I’m an author of two self-help books.
In my first book, The Destiny Roadmap, I laid out the exact steps I took to co-create the life of my dreams after I walked away from my career.
When the book came out, I worked with clients in a program from the book.

There were some amazing outcomes,


It wasn’t until I wrote my second book, The Relationship Roadmap, that clients began to change their lives in just a few months.

It was so incredible watching them align and trust in the path they were on and co-create amazing things.
There was obviously something different between the programs.

With the program from my second book, many of my clients never wrote down exact intentions for what they received –
but as we removed the blocks that were in their way of their success in their careers, their lives did a complete 180.

  ✨ They were so excited.
  ✨ They didn’t even know to ask for what they received.
  ✨ They couldn’t see what was possible for their life and they had to make room to receive.
  ✨ The energy clearing was the difference.

There were long held beliefs and blocks in the way of their success.

As we removed the blocks, I watched my clients call in sacred partners, dream homes, new jobs, a Manhattan art studio space for $300/mo., financial abundance and so much more.

Once they were solidly grounded within themselves, they had confidence in themselves and they totally aligned with path.
And it wasn’t necessarily the dream they expectedit was so much better.

If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that the Universe has a way better imagination that we do.

We need to get solidly grounded within and trust where we’re being led so we can discover what’s waiting for us on the other side of questioning and self-doubt.

I did the work with my clients to remove the deep seeded blocks that were standing in the way of their confidence, success and flow.
And it affected every part of their lives in incredible ways, not just their career.

They no longer get stuck in indecision.

And they trust their own internal guidance completely.
This isn’t something only available for a chosen few.
It’s a learned practice.

These are skills, tools and techniques you can embody and integrate into your life.
I’ve proven that in my own life and with my clients.

I’ve spent the past year and a half working privately with professional women with an intuitive side.
Women who doubt themselves, even though, on paper, they are truly succeeding.

As clients put the tools and practices I teach in place, their lives change in magical ways – shifts occur, often within the first few weeks.

I’ll be honest, not everyone is ready for the kind of change that’s possible when you get aligned with spirit and allow your life to unfold.
It takes tons of trust, patience and self-awareness.

Mostly, it takes a willingness to look at yourself and your life without a filter – to see your truth and be willing to change what’s no longer serving you in your highest and best good.

What I offer isn’t a quick fix.
It’s not a “fad diet”.

It’s a lifestyle change that you can implement and rely on 24/7.

And it’s a system for being solidly grounded within yourself and having complete confidence in the internal guidance.

I’ve been teaching the tools and techniques to my 1:1 clients with incredible outcomes.

There’s some client testimonials you can read further down this page, but I want to tell you about some of the amazing outcomes they’ve achieved…

  ✨ Anxiety ELIMINATED  ✨ 

Many of my clients suffer with mild to debilitating anxiety.

Whether it’s performance anxiety like standing up in meetings and doubting themselves to feeling like they couldn’t confidently handle important conversations with senior partners or even employees.

That’s gone!

  ✨ Lifelong financial blocks are GONE  ✨ 

Freeing up abundance to flow in.

They’re no longer waking up with a feeling of dread.
They stop over managing every detail of their lives and working to exhaustion and they’re not feeling guilty about it.
AND they actually get more quality work done.

They’re longer taking on more than they have time for.
And they’re easily co-creating their goals and dreams.

Ok 👍👍 

So you know the WHAT and WHY, I want to talk about WHO this is for.

 ✨ You’re already on a path of growth.
 ✨ You’re willing to look at yourself with honesty and truth.
 ✨ You believe in something within you that you can’t exactly explain or see –
Source, God, Universe, Spirit, past lives, reincarnation, soul.
These are not unfamiliar words.
 ✨ You’ve had some success with manifesting, the Law of Attraction, visualization,
but it doesn’t feel like something you can rely on, without question.
AND in spite of that success, you still worry, stress or second guess yourself.
 ✨ You want to learn how to align with your heart and tap into your own abilities and power.
 ✨ You’re willing to do the work and apply the practices in your life.
 ✨ You’re ready to invest in yourself and You KNOW having support and guidance can get you where you want to be.

If you’re ready to clear long held blocks and fears so you can understand how to rely on your own guidance and live in the moment.
Not the past or the future.

This is for you!

In this program, I’ll show you how to completely rely on your inner wisdom, without question.
How to turn flow and ease into your superpower.

When all the pieces come together, your confidence soars as everything shifts within and around you.

If you’re ready to:

  ✨ Have team members and colleagues listen to you with attention and interest as you speak with clarity and confidence.
  ✨ Go for jobs or positions that would have previously felt out of reach AND get them.
  ✨ No longer overthink every detail.
  ✨ Always know what to say to the senior partners/upper management.
  ✨ Never worry about saying the wrong thing.
  ✨ Know that you’re an amazing and well-liked leader.
  ✨ Bring in more abundance and stop worrying about money as you understand and heal your relationship with money.
  ✨ Call in a beautifully aligned partner or walk away from stagnant relationships that were finished long ago.
  ✨ Speak up in meetings and command the room.
  ✨ Rekindle a relationship and welcome love in.
  ✨ Learn to become the expert in your managing your energy in the moment.

Then this is for you.

All of these things happened for my clients and it’s more than possible for it to happen for you too.
The tools I provide are a way of life.

Connecting to your internal guidance and being fully grounded within yourself becomes your “go to”.

You just need a guide.
Someone to show you the way.

Once my clients get it, it’s part of them for life.
  ✨ No second-guessing.
  ✨ No endless worrying.
  ✨ No questioning their worth.
  ✨ No exhaustive decision making trying to get it all right.
You’ll clear what’s currently in the way.

And you’ll have an intuitive coach in your corner for guidance and insight (that’s me)!
What’s totally possible to achieve?

Your career, business and relationship can change in incredible ways.
And it can happen with ease.

If this is you and you’d like to find out more, let’s hop on a quick clarity call and get all your questions answered.
I talk with everyone personally to make sure we’re both aligned.

I’m not willing to take anyone into this who isn’t a fit.
It needs to work for both of us.
It’s a casual conversation with no pressure.
If it’s a fit, I’ll invite you into the program on the call.

There’s no waiting to find out.
I don’t hesitate.

But space is limited in the program and 30% of the spots are full without any advertising or announcements.
So if this feel aligned, schedule a call by clicking below.

You can thrive in your career and life without constantly feeling drained.
You can completely show up as yourself.

and when you do, life unfolds in incredible, totally aligned ways.

Let’s connect and get you where you want to be.

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“Working with Kelli is an investment in yourself. I’ve learned so much about myself, in a way that allows me to acknowledge and release any “issues”, always moving forward.
I’ve learned how to get out of my own way, so to speak, removing those invisible barriers that have been holding me back.
I’ve also learned how to tap into and trust my inner guidance to understand what I need, and where I need to take action.”
Gina F.
Gina F.
“Working with Kelli helped me to find myself. I learned to value and trust what I already intuitively know.
The time I invested with Kelli has radically changed my life. I never imagined that within 10 months, I’d sell my house, buy a home in a new town, walk away from my relationship, and grow my business all at the same time!
Kelli has become more than an intuitive guide and mentor. She has become a dear friend who I am honored to know and love. Thank you, Kelli for giving me my life back!”
Stephanie S.
Stephanie S.

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