It seems much is being reordered BEFORE 2019 begins.

This is amazing news, but it also has the potential to feel super uncomfortable for many people.

If life is feeling a little cattywampus right now, know that even though you may not see why something is happening, you have a choice to trust that it’s in divine order and for your highest and best good.⠀

I’ve learned over the years the best thing to do in the uncomfortable, unclear times is to surrender.⠀

It doesn’t always feel like that’s the BEST choice, because typically we want to grip tighter and hold on when we need to release and allow life to have us.

It’s more painful to stay in a place you’re no longer meant to be.

Once you give yourself permission to let go of any perceived obligations, attachments, confusion, or unanswered questions, you set yourself free.

Everything begins to shift and and space is created for what’s meant to come in.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and surrender.

You’re being guided.⠀

There is a path forward if you’re willing to see what’s being shown to you.

I promise you it’s there.