Having a positive mindset and being motivated to achieve your goals works for many people, but it’s not enough for everyone to break through internal blocks like fears, limiting beliefs, or unwanted patterns of behavior.

Simply having a positive mindset or employing mindset strategies (like reframing how you see things to be more positive, gratitude, positive self-talk, setting goals) can sometimes be lacking because it doesn’t address the underlying factors that contribute to the unhealed blocks.

Identifying the underlying factors is key to making lasting changes and breaking through.

You may have spent an uncomfortable amount of $$$ trying to overcome what’s holding you back, yet, you’re still wracked with behaviors that keep you feeling stuck – things like procrastination, self-doubt, people-pleasing, perfectionism, to name a few.

The thing is, these types of blocks aren’t always waving a white flag of surrender, so the cause feels hard to identify and release. They can be rooted in unhealed, past experiences that have been internalized and stored in your subconscious mind.

So those stubborn blocks you’ve been trying so hard to let go of can be connected to something much deeper, and the source is different for everyone because we all have different experiences.

Which means things like affirmations seldom make a dent, in fact, they can make you feel like you’re lying to yourself, because you don’t believe what you’re saying and the longer you do it without significant changes, the more broken you can feel.

Once that happens, you can make it part of your story and it digs in even deeper.

Patterns of behavior and limited ways of thinking can be unconsciously repeated, which may influence the choices you make and the way you show up in work, relationships, and life.

I’ve found that mindset practices are best for people with unhealed painful experiences in their past when they’re combined with focused clearing work, which identifies the root cause of the blocks so they can be released, making it easier to incorporate new practices.

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