Love is always an option. While it may not feel like it when you’re triggered and other emotions have taken over, love can always be present.

Quantum physics says everything has a vibration, even our emotions.⠀⠀

And David R. Hawkins states that each emotion holds a certain frequency on a scale.

When we’re upset we can’t feel love as easily, because we’ve lowered our vibration to the level of anger, bitterness or frustration.

Love vibrates on the scale higher than the emotions of anger, bitterness or frustration.

You can feel this as tension in a room with angry people or a heartfelt connection emanating from a couple on their wedding day.

We all send out vibrations based on how we’re feeling.⠀⠀

When you’re vibrating in anger, it’s hard to feel the love, because your vibrating in a lower frequency on the scale.

Love is also on the scale and it’s a choice you can consciously make to shift your vibration.

You can consciously access it or not, it’s not always easy, but it is a choice.⠀⠀

It doesn’t mean you don’t get angry or you bypass your emotions and avoid where you are.⠀

It means you can choose love at any time and potentially understand the emotion of anger, bitterness or frustration on a different level.

Choosing love brings more love to you as the vibration you send out is matched.

When you come from a place of love in all situations, you begin to heal yourself, others and the planet.