When someone passes away we’re always reminded that life changes in an instant. But the universe is reminding me that life is always changing in an instant.

If you’re feeling stuck or wishing for the next thing, whatever it is, it could be right around the corner.⠀

=> You meet the dream person one night at a friend’s party and life as you know it changes right there.⠀⠀

=> Someone tells you about the totally aligned job at their company and you know it’s yours. You apply and get it with ease.

=> The clarity that eluded you for months, maybe even years, about your next move drops in after an inspiring conversation with a person you just met.

Change is constant. We just don’t seem to notice it as change, unless it’s causing discomfort.⠀⠀

This moment is different from the moment you started reading this post. Right?

Maybe something inside you already shifted as you’re realizing how close you are to the next breakthrough, partner, job, WIN, or respite from the inner struggle.

It could happen right now as you let go of the breath you’ve been holding and get back to your center.

If things feel off, know life can and will change in an instant. How you look at it determines how well you’ll roll with the changes.

Nothing is permanent.

That’s the good news and the not so good news, depending on your perspective.

The best thing you can do is stay in the moment. Where change is happening.

It’s not in the past.

It’s not in the future.

This moment right here is where you’re meant to be.⠀⠀

Take a deep breath in. Fill your lungs. Hold gently. Feel the peace in the gap … Now release the breath slowly with a slight smile.

Smile because everything is always changing and it’s all happening FOR you, not to you.

In divine alignment.

You can trust the plan.