You can sense the mega shift you set in motion when you embarked on a spiritual path.

I know it hasn’t always been easy and if the “get out of jail free” card was offered, you may have taken it once or twice already.⠀⠀

I get it. Personal growth can feel messy. And sometimes it really is.⠀⠀

I spent years running away from all that I needed to discover and understand about my wants and desires. Definitely not the recipe for a healthy relationship with myself.⠀⠀

If someone gave me a sneak peek at what was ahead when I committed to my spiritual path twenty four years ago, I may have said, “Yeah, that’s ok.”

It’s felt like a clusterf*k at times.

But the truth is, based on where it’s led me, I wouldn’t change a thing. Every moment has served me well, even the horrendously heartbreaking ones, and there’s been plenty of them.

It took work to get here; going inward to come out the other side.

It required WILL and DETERMINATION to FREE my heart from the shield I’d built around it.⠀⠀

I’m not one of those people who will sell you on a magic potion. There isn’t one. You must be dedicated to your spiritual growth, first and foremost.

This is how you free yourself and discover the YOU that’s waiting on the other side.

This is how you wake up every day, no matter what’s happening, and embrace it with love and compassion for yourself.⠀⠀

There are still skinned knees and bruised egos, but you know how to maneuver through your own BS and limiting beliefs.

Change is guaranteed, but it doesn’t have to take you down. You can manage the change with clarity and understanding.

And even though the steps ahead may feel bigger and more intimidating, you’re exactly where you need to be.⠀⠀

Keep going!