The first time I arrived in Tulum, I knew it was a special place. I came here after I walked away from a seventeen-year career.

Within weeks of letting go of the job, I found myself standing on top of a pyramid in the Mayan ruins in Coba, outside of Tulum. I was in awe as I looked over a vast sea of green jungle in the Yucatán peninsula.

I spent eight days of magic and wonder in Tulum. Reconnecting with myself and remembering my truth.

Tulum revived me with its nurturing presence and the unavoidable ability to help me see myself clearly. On that trip, Tulum showed me what was possible for my life.

It was the experience of a lifetime with beautiful friends. All of us were changed by our adventure, three and a half years ago.

I vowed to return to Tulum within a year. The energy was calling me to stay, but I had a life back in California. Granted it looked nothing like the one I’d planned for myself, but I had to go home. I was married, I had a business to open, a book to write and a new life to discover and co-create.

The call of Tulum never wavered.

By the time I made my way back to the jungle and Tulum, eighteen months later, everything had changed. I was an author, I’d co-owned and sold a business, my intuitive coaching business was growing and I walked away from my marriage.

Once again, Tulum caught me as I took another leap into the unknown Void.

I‘ve spent the last two years in partnership with Tulum. Working, growing, playing and healing.

There are places across the planet where you resonate with the energy. Where it feels like home, even though you’ve never been there before.

Tulum is that and so much more for me. The beautiful energy of Tulum is a heartbeat; a pulsing, enveloping hum. A vibration where everything manifests in an instant.

Think of a person and they appear in your path. Need a place to live that checks all the boxes, it appears. Feel a whisper of an idea brewing, it magically comes with the resources to make it all happen. It’s all available here in Tulum.

I have a saying that sums it up, “Tulum provides.”

There is no guarantee that you’ll love everything Tulum offers, but you will eventually come to understand why you received what you did.

Tulum presents a conveyor belt filled with your baggage. Choose one piece and keep moving forward. Don’t fight the work you’re here to do. Live in flow and the magic of Tulum unfolds.

Do the opposite, and you wonder what happened to the paradise that called you here in the first place. From broken bones to broken hearts, I’ve seen it again and again.

Anyone who knows me will understand why I was drawn here. I’m dedicated to my personal growth. I use my body, mind and spirit as a laboratory for what’s possible in the healing, growth and co-creation realm. I eat change for breakfast and that includes the changes within me.

Tulum has been a willing partner as I’ve liberated myself in this jungle. As I’ve grown into the woman I’m meant to be. As I’ve led other women to transform their lives too.

When Tulum calls, you come.

When Tulum tells you it’s complete, you go.

I must!

Otherwise I’d be working against the energy and nothing would go my way anyway. The magic would be gone. I can’t force myself to stay. No matter how many people I love here or that I just bought a scooter or that I have a long term rental I adore. It’s time.

I don’t know where I’m going to land. I’m open to where I’m led. I have no limitations except the ones I place in my path. My heart is open and the tears are flowing as the final days in Tulum are here.

I trust my guides without question. I know this is right, even though I don’t have a plan. And boy do I love a good plan. But my guides lovingly laugh at my carefully crafted plans.

So, I let go. And when I question what I’m doing, I let go again.


I trust in the guidance. I trust in my heart. I trust in myself. And I trust in Tulum.

Tulum taught me how to truly live in flow. How to let everything fall away and BE. How to live a limitless life. For that I’ll always be grateful.

Tulum helped me become the women I was always meant to be. But I had to let go of everything that no longer aligned with my heart and soul.

Thank you for the beautiful friendships, landscapes, growth, healing and love you’ve offered, Tulum!

¿Pero esta gran distancia realmente importa ya que nuestros corazones latían como uno?

I know it does not. ❤️