I’m finally good at being me.

Actually, I’m freaking fantastic at it.

I know my heart and soul and what makes me feel amazing.

I know what sends me spiraling.

And I know exactly how to take care of ME and have my back in every situation.⠀⠀

It’s taken work to get here.

If someone told me back in 1995 what the personal growth journey of my spiritual path would entail, I may have run the other way.⠀⠀

Today, I wouldn’t trade any of the challenges, pain or hardships for the life I have now.⠀⠀

The freedom is unparalleled.⠀⠀

The journey has been exquisite … yes, every bit of it.

No matter how much I tried to fit into a mold and be perfect, I learned there is NO perfect and the mold was anything I wanted to make it.

It’s in the imperfections that I continue to grow.

And for that I’m grateful.

Be YOU, I’m pretty sure you’re already damn good at it.