Kelli Reese Clearing

When I’m working with new clients, they often try to think their way out of feeling or responding in a certain way. Like them, maybe you’ve read the article or posts that talk about high vibe energy and the power of positive thinking, or flipping the script by focusing on the positive instead! You focus so hard on staying positive, that you don’t actually process and deal with what’s happening. 

Now, I’m a big fan of being positive. In fact, I believe that when you’re aligned and loving life, you can’t help but radiate positivity and joy. BUT tapping into positivity and high vibe energy as the sole path out of a challenging situation or mindset, is not actual growth. 

It’s called spiritual bypassing. 

When you do this, you’re not actually getting to the core of the problem, you’re simply glossing over what’s causing it in the first place. You’re trying to fix it with methods that will not, in the long run, support you. 

The same thoughts that brought you here aren’t the ones that will help you make lasting change. 

For true growth, you’ve got to get beneath the thoughts into the next layer – the feelings, patterns, and beliefs. 

You’re not here to bypass feelings in this lifetime. You’re in this body to feel. The highs AND the lows. It’s part of being on this planet and experiencing life fully. Yes, the lows can be painful, but getting caught in a web of toxic positivity as a way to avoid them is not the answer. 

Better Out Than In

So, how do you get to the bottom of the dark places within you, identify the core beliefs and get them out in the open so you can make true, lasting change in your thoughts, emotions and actions? 

One way is energetic clearing. 

I’m an energetic clearing expert and use kinesiology (also known as muscle testing) to identify stuck emotions in the body and help my clients to release them, for good. With clearing work, you let go of beliefs and energetic blocks that shape your reality and how you show up in the world. 

Trapped emotional energies can cause imbalances in your energy field. These emotions are connected to past events and experiences and typically hold a negative weight. 

When traumatic events take place in your life, the “stuff” doesn’t actually disappear, it lives within your body and cells. “The issues are in the tissues,” some say! When it sets up camp and takes hold, you can find yourself triggered, reactive, and responding in ways that don’t get you the results in work and life that you want. You find yourself unhappy and don’t know why. You feel lethargic, drained, overwhelmed. 

This is why it’s important to identify the stuck emotions behind past experiences and clear them, to lessen the charge they have in your body. 

There’s often layers to this work; let’s use anxiety as an example. When I do clearing work with someone to remove a pattern around anxiety, the work will help them release that pattern and process their anxiety in a different way moving forward. But it may not totally release the person from the grips of anxiety all at once. However, as we continue to identify stuck emotions and patterns, the anxiety will have less of an impact on the body over time. 

As one recent client said, “the thoughts dropped in, but they had nowhere to land, so they left.” That’s incredible growth for her, and it’s something I see all the time in my 1:1 sessions. 

What is the Outcome?

Clearing work is about managing yourself and your emotions, rather than worrying about everyone else, which you have no control over. It’s taking back your power by not allowing everything in your external world to trigger and affect you negatively. 

It’s letting go of the pain of the past so that you can be present. Present to feel the alignment and freedom that comes with living your life on your terms. Present for the highs and the lows. Fully feeling your emotions in the moment, rather than having them bring up other past pains and hurts. 

As stored energy and emotions release, many people can feel the body releasing physically as well. Clients will cry, burp or laugh, as they feel these things leave! 

Unlike many traditional forms of therapy, emotional clearing work allows you to process old stuff without reliving the experience that caused it in the first place. 

I don’t know what’s best for your life, but I know that you know. And there’s a possibility that things are getting in the way of you discovering where your truth and alignment is. 

As a coach, and through this work, I create the container for clients to navigate the healing, unfolding and inner guidance. I use intuition and kinesiology to zero in on the emotional patterns that are holding them back and help them to release it from the inside out. 

Clearing work will help you get out of your head and connect to who you are on the soul level. You’ll release the need to control ‘all the things’. You’ll trust in the process of your life and path, and stop being afraid of feeling your feelings. You’ll accept and believe in yourself, and embrace being human. as well as spirit. You’ll have your own back and feel aligned with your work, relationship and life.

If you’re ready to experience the power of this transformational work, I invite you to set up a 30 minute call with me to find out more. Isn’t it time to free yourself from the blocks you can’t see, for good?