It feels awful when you’re avoiding your truth.

It feels paralyzing when your soul is urging you to listen to your heart and you do everything you can to hold onto what’s familiar and known. You carry on with “business as usual”.⠀⠀

It doesn’t matter how many different ways you look at your situation, if your soul is calling for change then you need to listen up.⠀⠀

In order to find clarity in your life, you can align with the desire to understand the pain of where you’re no longer meant to be.

THIS is the way forward toward your truth.

As I work with women who feel uncertainty in their long term relationships, I see a pattern, something that stops them in the beginning.

They’re scared about what it all means and how life may change if they take steps to discover WHY they feel the way they do in their situation.

Change can feel big and scary when we make it mean something negative, but it can just as easily mean something incredibly beautiful and unexpected. But they feel stuck in their heads trying to figure it all out.

When you’re in your head, it’s limited. It doesn’t understand the bigger picture, from a soul perspective. Typically the heart and head are on opposing teams.

Your head is on a one way trip from birth to death. It doesn’t go beyond this lifetime. It doesn’t comprehend the soul, dimensions, past lives; it doesn’t know what it can’t see.⠀⠀

Your soul created a plan for this lifetime and the more you let go and trust in your path, the easier life can be.

Ironically, to find that ease, letting go can be one of the hardest things to do.⠀⠀

Letting go of what you thought you wanted in order to discover what you need doesn’t feel easy when your head is running the show.

Letting go is an important step in the process to find clarity and align with your truth.

There’s more information available than what you can see. It’s found in your heart, not in your head.

It’s found by stepping into the unknown and following the path.

The unknown can be filled with opportunity, learning and growth. And it’s not as painful as being in the questioning and uncertainty.


If you’re a woman who is growing and building your dreams and you keep returning to questioning your relationship, I invite you to join me on an incredible journey to clarity and understanding in the Clear Heart Program.

This group program is unlike any other. It’s created for women on a spiritual path. Those who know where they’re headed, but they can’t seem to shake the feeling that something is missing in their relationship.

If it’s time to answer the inconvenient questions you’ve been considering in your relationship – things like, “Is this the person I see myself with in the future?” Or “Am I still in love with them?” There’s something real transpiring. Once you understand what it is and have the tools to shift it, you’ll have the clarity and understanding you need to move forward in any direction you decide. The great news is, you CAN decide, with love and confidence. And the outcome may surprise you.

I’ve made the Clear Heart Program more accessible this time. I want women to find the clarity they need in their relationships. Living with uncertainty and wondering is not a way to live. Often, it’s a secret we’re carrying around and no one seems to understand. I understand. I created the Clear Heart Program BECAUSE I understand and I didn’t see a way through. This is the way through.

See if this powerful group program is for you. Many women have for gone before you, with incredible outcomes.

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