Frequently Asked  Questions

Q: I'm interested in working with Kelli in one of her programs, how do I find out more?

A: A reading is the place to start. You’ll get a feel for the collaborative working style available through private coaching, the Clear Heart program and the Connect! program. Once you’ve had a reading, you’ll be able to communicate directly about availability and space in any of the programs offered.

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Q: I'm interested in a Sacred Soul Journey, how do I go on a transformational adventure with Kelli?
A: Each Sacred Soul Journey is a collaborative and unique dive into the heart of yourself and the inspiring destination. At the bottom of the Sacred Soul Journey page is a link to schedule a chat and see if the Sacred Soul Journey is a good fit for you and me. If the link isn’t active, it means we’re not enrolling for a Sacred Soul Journey at that moment.

Please review the page as it changes with each upcoming trip. Check back often for calendar updates and new information.

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Q: What if I don’t know what the Akashic Records are?

A: The Akashic Records are the energetic recording of your soul’s journey throughout its existence.
It contains every thought, action, conversation, decision, and choice your soul has ever made. It’s an incredible resource that is vastly underutilized and we have unfettered access to the information contained in the records.

Each soul has an Akashic Record. It’s possible to access your record to gain insight about where your soul has been, what you’ve been working on and what you’re learning in this lifetime, at the minimum.

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Q: Will I find out something I don’t want to know?
A: The information in the Records is provided from an extremely loving place. Your soul already knows the information provided. After hundreds of readings, there hasn’t been a client that received information they didn’t want to hear. I’ve found if you’re hearing the information, you’re ready.
Q: What if I’ve never had a reading before?
A: If this is your first reading, no worries! Most of my clients are new to readings and/or the Akashic Records. There may be some unfamiliar terminology during the reading, however, the calls are designed with built in time to explain it all to you as we go through the information.
Q: What do I need to do before the reading?
A: There’s nothing you have to do, other than scheduling the reading and filling out a brief questionnaire asking for your name, birthdate and place of birth. That’s it.
Q: What if I have questions after the reading?
A: A recording of the call is provided (there are no guarantees for the recording, so it’s recommended that you also take notes). At times, I can be reached by email for brief questions and clarification on the information provided.

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©2020 KelliReese