When I talk about the work I do, I speak in terms of Emotional or Energetic Clearing. That can be a little deceptive though.

It makes it sound like we can cancel or erase a belief or pattern and it just goes “poof,” into the ethers.

That’s not exactly what happens.

In my work, I help clients let go of unhealthy patterns, beliefs, and emotional blocks – the ones that create the filter they see life through, which shapes their behavior in work, relationships and life.

Clients do release or clear the blocks, but they don’t just disappear; they have to be integrated – which means they learn from and then move past the blocks into a new way of being – which is seen as the behavioral change.

The process I take clients through makes it a heck of a lot easier to do the integration and behavioral change piece, because the initial “charge” or trigger they were struggling with is greatly minimized.

One of my clients described it as, “The emotions come in, but they have nowhere to land.”

I’ve always loved that description, because it’s a perfect representation of what it feels like to identify and release the unseen blocks from your life.

It feels like relief, and it makes changing the behavior going forward 100x easier.