Does it feel like you’ve worked your a$$ off to get where you are? On paper it looks enviable, but inside you’re struggling with self-doubt and feeling like you’re never good enough.
Many successful people struggle with the same feelings, typically they suffer in silence, afraid of being judged or appearing weak.
I know this feeling all too well.
In my former career, I felt isolated and alone as I battled with self-doubt, not feeling good enough, and overthinking all the things.
I believed that I had to hold everything together for everyone else, and that if I just pushed through the feelings, I would be fine.
These things weren’t true. They actually led to me feeling worse, because I wasn’t addressing what was going on inside by identifying the root cause.
When you doubt yourself, you may question your skills, knowledge, or expertise. You may second-guess your decisions or hesitate to take risks, which can undermine your confidence.
Self-doubt can arise from a variety of sources, including past experiences, comparisons to others, and fear of failure.
It’s important to remember that self-doubt is a normal part of being human, and everyone experiences it to some extent. However, it’s essential to recognize when self-doubt is holding you back so you can take steps to overcome it.
Here are three tips you can try today to help move the needle on self-doubt.
👉 Challenge your negative self-talk
Self-talk is that internal dialogue that you have with yourself. It can impact your emotions, behaviors, and beliefs. See if you can question the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities. If you find yourself thinking “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do this,” you might ask yourself, “Is that really true?” or “What evidence do I have to support this belief?”
👉 Practice self-compassion
Treat yourself with kindness and understanding. Instead of beating yourself up for mistakes or shortcomings, you can remind yourself that everyone messes up from time to time.
👉 Take action towards your goals (even if you feel afraid or uncertain)
Each time you take a step forward (even when you’re scared), you prove to yourself that you’re capable and competent, which can boost your confidence and belief in your abilities.