When I was fifteen, I didn’t think I’d make it to twenty five.

I spent many days in my teens yelling at the powers that be, begging to know what the f*ck I was doing here so I could get on with it and get the hell out.

There were rough roads and painful lessons. We all have them, for sure. But the more I’ve gone against my heart and pushed the agenda of my ego and mind, the harder I’ve made it on myself.

Thus the deep surrender of the last three years … walking away from a high-paying (read stressful) job that was sucking the life out of my eyes.

Selling a business I co-owned.

Leaving my marriage and moving to Tulum, Mexico.

All in the name of release and trusting in the guidance present in my life.

All that’s unfolded to date is beyond anything I could’ve imagined.

I couldn’t have planned it like this. It’s WAY better than my imagination could ever create when I‘m hearing the call to “let go”.

I followed the path to where it’s leading me, but first I had to release all the things that were keeping me from where I was meant to be.

For a recovering control addict, it wasn’t easy to surrender.

But there’s freedom in the release.

There’s personal power and happiness when we give ourselves over and live the life our soul is calling for.

And soul is guiding every single one of us.

You just have to tune in, listen, and trust.

It’s scary, for sure.

You don’t have to go BIG and toss it all into the wind at once.

Start with something small.

What’s rolling around in your gut, pulling you toward something deeper?⠀⠀

Explore that! THAT’S where to start.