I see the spiritual path as deepening the relationship with self … all parts of the self – the parts you love and the parts that sometimes make you cringe.

It’s not out of the ordinary for high achievers, perfectionists, and doers to view a spiritual practice as a “to-do” list. 

A spiritual practice (things like meditation, journaling, praying, forest bathing, Qigong, ritual, etc.), isn’t about adding anything, it’s not about doing. 

If you’re not careful, the relationship with self can feel like one giant checklist to perfect – if you do everything just right, you’ll reap the rewards.

But if you don’t do it to your specifications or meet your unbending standards, you can get down on yourself – sometimes even stopping the practice(s) altogether.

Spirituality and the accompanying practices aren’t something to perfect or PUSH your way through.

It’s more about aligning with your truth and choosing practices that you GET to do – things that fuel you and add to your life.

You’re not trying to win at spirituality or eliminate parts of who you are in a quest to better yourself – there’s no BEST Meditator award.

Can you find the sweet spot of allowance with your daily practices?

If it starts to feel like a “should” or a chore, remember why you’re doing the practice in the first place and reconnect to how you feel before, during and after your practice.

It might be time to switch things up – part of the journey is in the discovery of where you’re being led.

The journey itself can be the practice of being spiritual.