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Growing Apart

In September 2016, my business and life changed when I allowed myself to accept my truth. My life was on track. I’d opened a business with a friend, I was building my coaching business on the side and I’d hired a book coach so I could finally write and publish my...

Finding Clarity In Life

It feels awful when you’re avoiding your truth. It feels paralyzing when your soul is urging you to listen to your heart and you do everything you can to hold onto what’s familiar and known. You carry on with “business as usual”.⠀⠀ It doesn’t matter how many different...

Protecting Your Heart

⠀⠀ Why do you spend so much time in your head trying to figure something out when nine times out of ten you need to be in your heart? For one thing, many women are protecting their hearts from further hurt and they’ve lost the ability to trust in what they truly feel....

©2021 Kelli Reese

©2021 Kelli Reese