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Finding Clarity In Life

It feels awful when you’re avoiding your truth. It feels paralyzing when your soul is urging you to listen to your heart and you do everything you can to hold onto what’s familiar and known. You carry on with “business as usual”.⠀⠀ It doesn’t matter how many different...

Being Me

I’m finally good at being me. Actually, I’m freaking fantastic at it. I know my heart and soul and what makes me feel amazing. I know what sends me spiraling. And I know exactly how to take care of ME and have my back in every situation.⠀⠀ It’s taken work to get here....

The Shroud of Love

I didn’t know what to expect. The Shroud is behind glass doors, in a climate controlled container. So it wasn’t actually on display in the chapel. I sat down with other visitors in the pews anyway and closed my eyes to tune in. The Shroud is considered by many to be a...

©2020 KelliReese

©2020 KelliReese