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I’m Kelli Reese

I’m a former CEO of a multi million dollar organization. In 2015, I walked away from my seventeen year career to align my work with the spiritual path I’d been on for years.

I provide high achieving women with powerful tools to trust their internal guidance, have confidence in their path, and speak their truth – even when it’s uncomfortable or scary.

Why does this matter?

Too many women question themselves. They’re afraid to trust what they feel in their heart. They disregard their instincts for fear of what might happen if they share themselves fully. 

The women who choose to work with me are seeking clarity on their path, unwavering confidence in their intuition, and security and self-acceptance in who they are.

Through my programs, workshops, Sacred Soul Journey retreats, one on one coaching and readings, women find the courage and self-alignment they need to show up fully and transform their relationships, career and life. 

When you question your internal guidance, it feels like your heart and mind are on opposing teams. It creates uncertainty and doubt in yourself. It makes it really hard to discover what’s waiting for you on the other side, beyond the limitations you set for yourself.

It feels like something is missing and you can’t get clear on what it is. 

It’s not a secret, the missing piece is you.

But what does that even mean?

It’s easy to SAY the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, but I know from experience this is one of the most frustrating things to hear when you’re afraid to be you and take action.

It might seem easier to maintain the status quo, but that takes massive amounts of energy. You need to understand WHY you feel indecisive, tentative or on the fence in your relationship, the boardroom or life. 

Making a commitment to yourself is the first step in finding the clarity and confidence you’re seeking. It might not feel like it right now, but the dedication to yourself is THE KEY.

As a bestselling author, certified leadership coach and a woman who dares to “go for it,” I specialize in providing clarity in the unknown and helping clients understand their truth so they can stop hiding, take action and have confidence in their path.

I’m not your average coach. I’m a psychic. When you hear that word it can conjure up visions of crystal balls, fortune tellers and vague $10 palm readings. Not that any of that is BAD, everyone has to make a living, but THAT’S not me.

Sure, my house is filled with crystals and I burn incense every day, but I’m more of a PRACTICAL MYSTIC. I have a background in business combined with years of self-development work. When it was time to pivot in my career, I didn’t put those skill-sets aside, I rolled them into the work I do now.

I blend the practical and the spiritual seamlessly and help my clients discover how to do the same – in line with their own desires and intentions.

I’ve been dedicated to my spiritual path since February, 1995, when I finally admitted how unhappy and angry I was. In a blinding flash of the obvious, I opened myself up to the possibility that I might be the cause of my suffering, not someone or something outside of me.

I committed to the inner work I instinctively knew was required for me to find my freedom. I’ve been trusting the lead of Spirit and the Universe ever since.

My journey shaped me into the woman I am today and led me to the incredible work I to do with clients.

I’m super grounded, insightful, business savvy AND my life is guided by an unwavering connection to my internal guidance.

I’ve always wanted to use that connection to help others find clarity and fulfillment in their own lives.

Everything I do is geared toward giving you tools and practices to develop self-assurance and confidence in accessing your own truth and creating the life your soul is calling for.

You can work with me privately through coaching or a reading.

If you prefer in person, join me at one of my group or personalized VIP Sacred Soul Journey retreats.

If the place in which you’re struggling to gain clarity is in your relationship, join me in my Clear Heart Program. 

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©2019 KelliReese